General Practitioners

Research with GIANTT: What and why?

Clinical trials, mostly performed in specialist secondary care centra, indicate that intensive diabetes treatment can result in significant health gains. Yet, it is unclear whether these positive results are reflected in your own practice.

How to provide data to GIANTT?

If you are interested in contributing your anomymized practice data to the GIANTT project we would love to hear from you.

Your own study idea?

As a general practitioner or nurse you probably see and treat patients with diabetes type 2 on a daily basis. While doing so, you apply a combination of clinical knowledge and skills combined with guideline recommendations, that provide treatment options for the vast majority of your patient population.


Before (anonymous) patient data are used in the GIANTT project, the healthcare provider provides the patient with a letter/folder. In case of objections to use these data, patients can notify the person that informed them and he/she will inform the VIP portal.

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