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As a general practitioner or nurse you probably see and treat patients with diabetes type 2 on a daily basis. While doing so, you apply a combination of clinical knowledge and skills combined with guideline recommendations, that provide treatment options for the vast majority of your patient population. However, now and then, you run into those more unique cases, patients that deviate from the “regular” patient, for who you would like to know more about their optimal treatment. For example, patients with extreme changes in blood pressure or an unsual combination of comorbidity. You may also be interested in certain trends in treatments or patient characteristics across the region. Because of the fact that GIANTT contains data from more than 200 practices (>20,000 diabetes type 2 patients) we can perform systematic and epidemiological studies on these matters. Subsequently, you can use these data for intervisions with colleagues to help them benefit from these new insights. When truly interesting results are obtained we could consider and help to publish the results in a scientific or professional journal (e.g. NtvG). In case you would really like to dig into a specific clinical topic we could also discuss the possibility of a (part-time) PhD study at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

All your ideas are welcomed and can be submitted via the Contact page.

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