Research: who, what and why?

Healthcare providers (general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, nurses and assistants) and clinical researchers aim to monitor and optimize the quality of healthcare. Naturally, this will benefit everyone that needs this healthcare.

To monitor and improve the quality of diabetes care, it is required to systematically register and assess the care that is provided in daily practice. The GIANTT database exists since 2004 and is still being updated and used for research, coordinated by the University Medical Centre Groningen. New findings are communicated through news articles on this website. Caution is taken to make sure that data cannot be traced back to an individual patient.

For an individual healthcare professsional it is sometimes difficult to assess whether his/her care that is provided is of sufficient quality. By collecting, combining and analyzing data from many different patients, healthcare providers and practices is becomes possible to assess differences or changes in the quality of care. Also, this enables us to look into long term effects of different treatments en decide which one is the most optimal for specific patient populations.


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