What is GIANTT?

General information

The GIANTT project is a regional collaborative between healthcare professionals and scientists aiming to optimize the quality of care for patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. Since 2004, routine data on diabetes type 2 treatment is collected and analyzed.

People involved

Within the GIANTT project a large number of general practices and patients with type 2 diabetes from the region of Groningen are involved. The GIANTT-project is led by prof. dr. Petra Denig (Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology, UMCG) and supported by a Steering Commitee


Below you can find an overview of all publications where GIANTT data were involved. Some articles are freely-accessable online but for some a registration to the journal is required.

Ongoing research

Since 2005 multiple studies have been performed making use of the GIANTT data. Most of these studies focused on the quality of (pharmacological) treatment.

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